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Everyone needs a good night sleep but shopping for a mattress can be nothing short of a nightmare. The flat bed mattress industry is designed to deliberately confuse the customer. It’s virtually impossible to compare various mattresses so customers cannot tell whether they received a good deal or not.

When a customer enters a mattress store or reads advertisements for bed sets, they are inundated with many different brand names. Even if they narrow the criteria to a specific brand name, they will discover endless models associated with that brand name. For example, if you liked Sealy Posturpedic Paisley in one store, you will not find that mattress in other stores to compare who has a better deal. The reason is because Sealy will change the mattress cover and call it a different name for each store that sells their beds. However, underneath the mattress cover it’s the identical mattress. This makes it impossible to comparison shop.

If you think that is bad, here is some worse news! In the same store, a mattress will be made with a different color cover and sold as a different mattress. Most mattress companies use this tactic in business today. There are only a few basic mattress models sold by each mattress manufacturer under hundreds of commercial names. The same mattress will be sold anywhere from $700 to $3000 under different names. The truth is that the customer will never be able to figure out exactly what they are buying.

Customers also have a difficult time comparing mattresses on the Internet. They should be extremely careful when looking at or buying from some of these large Internet companies advertising famous brand names. Many of them sell what is known in the industry as "seconds." The term seconds refers to any mattress that gets rejected by the quality control inspectors at the mattress factory. These mattresses are rejected because they have a defect and cannot be sold by the mattress factory to the retailers.

Another thing to know when shopping for mattresses, both in stores or on the Internet, is the old bait and switch trick. Once you’ve chosen a mattress you will be told that they do not have that exact mattress and they will offer you what they consider a better mattress for a few dollars more. Often times retailers will advertise a ridiculously low price but the salesman will tell you that it’s a terrible mattress and for a few dollars more you can get a quality mattress.

At Healthy Spirit, we won’t play those games. We offer good quality mattresses for honest prices and we’ll tell you exactly what brand to compare them with. We are proud to let you know that our mattresses are made by Southerland, Inc., a mattress manufacturer that has been in business for 113 years.


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